Connect European cultural heritage with human and environmental health

The main goal of this project was to connect European cultural heritage with human and environmental health. The objective of the project was to define walking routes and a recipe book to highlight European culture, promote exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and work towards sustainability goals. The walking routes, the recipe book and all the activities associated with the project were put into a mobile application and onto an online platform that people are able to access from anywhere. The NHS recommends regular exercise, including at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week - this project wants to link exercise with cultural exercise and also a healthy diet.

Our Partners

Surefoot Effect

The Surefoot Effect equips people, groups, and organisations in the UK and Europe with skills for sustainability and resilience. Our approach is values-based and transformational.


Žinių kodas (Knowledge Code) is a non-profit institution with the mission to create an educated society and knowledge that would help reducing social exclusion and enable people to actively participate in the labour market.

Abrazo House

Abrazo House is an educational project located in the Aras Valley, Voto. Cantabria, northern Spain. Since 2006, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world have come here to get their hands dirty and to learn about ecology, natural building and sustainable living.

Innovation Frontiers

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners.

Intellectual Outputs

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