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This newsletter will inform you about:
● The idea behind the SHH Project,
● Current progress,
● Future activities and
● The members of our Consortia.

About the project

Sustainability, Heritage, Health (SHH) is an Erasmus Plus project, in key action category “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”, in the field of Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

The main goal of this project is to connect European cultural heritage with human and environmental health. The objective of the project is to define walking routes and a recipe book to highlight European culture, promote exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and work towards sustainability goals. The walking routes, the recipe book and all the activities associated with the project will be put into a mobile application and onto an online platform that people will be able to access from anywhere.

The NHS recommends regular exercise, including at least 150 minutes of moderateintensity activity a week – this project wants to link exercise with cultural exercise and also a healthy diet. Walking is low in terms of the environmental impact of the people who take part in it, as people are spending their time walking rather than other forms of transport, therefore encouraging wider sustainability goals. Walking is also an opportunity to practice mindfulness to foster mental wellbeing. The NHS states that mindfulness can lead to greater mental wellbeing. Walking is considered a form of mindfulness practice. Through the creation of a recipe book and participation in cooking workshops, participants will explore nutrition and sustainable food systems.

Current progress

We are currently finalizing the IO1, our walking program, which goes hand-in-hand with IO3, our digital resources (Walking App & Interactive Platform). During the mobility in Greece, we tested both and we will adapt them according to the partner feedback.

Next step: the finalization and translation of IO2, our Recipe Book

Mobility in Athens, Greece

After almost 2 years of working online, the SHH consortium managed to finally meet face-to-face in Athens, Greece, for the 1st LTTA (Learning, Teaching, Training Activity) of the project! During the LTTA we tested the Intellectual Output n.3, our Walking App. More specifically, Innovation Frontiers IKE, the host of this mobility, organized project meetings and 2 walking tours – 1 urban and 1 in the mountain of Imittos!

Members of our consortia